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Giftedness and Character

We all know of at least one “great”, gifted person who has fallen because of a lack of character – true integrity.  John Maxwell in his book: “The 21 most important minutes in a leader’s day”, recounts the story of Samson. Samson was a son of promise. He was set

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Attitude of Gratitude

  I am a singer-songwriter.  A couple of days ago I woke  with a song I wrote  running through my head. The song is entitled – Righteous – based on Psalm 37:25.  The words of the song take me back to an earlier time growing up in Trinidad. I can

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From acorns to oak trees

It’s been a busy but exciting week.  About four months ago I volunteered to do a  4-week [12 hours] session on self-leadership.   Mastering self-leadership is the foundation of true leadership.  According to Plato –  “The first and best victory is to conquer self…” My volunteer assignment is to a group

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To be or not to be…

Leadership is about influence – making a positive difference in the lives of others.  Often when we think about exemplary leaders individuals such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King JR, Nelson Mandela or Sir Winston Churchill spring to mind.  Consider the story of Hannah Taylor: At five years old Hannah

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What limits you?

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The road from Sangre Grande, my hometown, the largest town in the northeast region of Trinidad, to Toco a tiny fishing village on Trinidad’s northeast coast, must have been the source of inspiration for the lines from the song: “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.” “ The road is long

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