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Master fear in five powerful steps

Fear has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real. In a recent article in the August issue of Enlightened Leadership, Dr. T. C. North talks about the five steps to master fear.  I thought there were some interesting insights offered. I have included the article in its entirety here. Master

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On Vision, Perspective and Process

It’s back to prep. time. September looms.  Actually, looms has the sense of  grim and foreboding. September is fast approaching!  I am preparing for a weekend retreat with my first year leadership students.  One of the questions we will be exploring  is: What will it take to moves us from

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It’s all around you

It’s been a week since we returned from our latest holiday visit to Trinidad, land of my youth.   It was hotter than usual for July so even the locals were complaining.  Whenever I think about visits to Trinidad two things are important: renewing relationships with family and friends, and encounters

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Into the wilderness day four… back to the beginning

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The final day of our Bowron Lake adventure was probably the hottest and the hardest for paddling ; arms and body were tired.  The final day is also our shortest only  about 17 km to the pullout point.  The words of inspiration for the final day: “Bless the Lord O

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