Monthly Archives: September 2013

Making room for renewal

“Wisdom has built her house she has hewn out its seven pillars…” Earlier this month  I spent a weekend on retreat with my leadership class.  The theme of the retreat was: “Building a house of Destiny”; laying  the foundations for a life of significance.  Like the house of Wisdom the 

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Rain like Grace

September 21. Grey rainy day. First day of fall or last day of summer? The astronomical definition is very precise; it’s the last day of summer.  The day to day experience is not so precise.  It’s felt like fall all this past week! As I watch the rain coming down

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Bread and leadership/tonight I bake

“Today I brew.  Tonight I bake.  Tomorrow…? The task here is for you to finish the quote.  This  might tell me a number of things:  what school system you grew up in;  the nature of your childhood reading; how long ago you were in elementary school; etc.    One of my

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Humming bird in August

It is the end of August. Already some of the trees  are beginning to display their fall splendor. A bit too soon for me!  I toyed very briefly with the idea of calling this piece: ” Ode to  a Hummingbird” but thought that would be a wee bit pretentious.  So

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