Monthly Archives: October 2013

State of being: The antidote for fear.

I have been mulling over writing this piece  on fear since re-reading Michael Crichton’s  Eco-terrorism thriller, “State of Fear”. The following quote was the trigger:   “…Industrialized nations provide their citizens with unprecedented safety, health, and comfort. Average life spans increased 50% in the last century. Yet modern people live

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Giving Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in Canada; the first break for the fall semester. In some regions of this “vast land that shapes us”, fall colours are well advanced and the nip of frost is a daily reality. Thanksgiving signals the end of summer and in Ontario it’s traditionally the occasion to

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Rumours of glory

I am driving to Quesnel for our annual summer all- day golf event. In the golden light of the early morning the ordinary things – bales of hay dotting the landscape in the distance- are transformed into things of beauty. There is a response in my spirit, undefinable – the

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