Monthly Archives: December 2013

In the place of Favour

It’s that time of year. Is Santa Claus coming to town or is it “Joy to the world the Lord is come”? I grew up with the Christmas story: of a baby born in a manger; of shepherds abiding in the fields watching their flocks at night; of fear and

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Encourage the heart

This is my 24th fall semester of teaching. As I come to the end of the semester I find myself reflecting on the nature  and importance of feedback.  I have also just finished reviewing the 5th practice, of the five practices of exemplary leaders:  “Encourage the heart”.  Exemplary leaders –

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Love that will not let me go

Marinating.  Soaking up some flavour.  Ruminating.  Thinking carefully and deeply about something… engaging in contemplation.   For the past couple of weeks I have been working on a simple song which comes as a result of some marinating in, and contemplation of, the love of God the Father.  Of course

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