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A matter of perspective?

I read  an article by Jon Gordon this week entitled:- “5 things to do instead of complain” – in which he recommends that we try to do a “complaining fast”.  We are all familiar with complaining.  Usually I am easy-going and fairly even in my approach to life.  I do

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This past weekend I did my leadership class retreat.  It was intense, rewarding and also tiring.   There were good times of discussion and team challenges. During one of the discussion times we were exploring values.  One student mentioned that one of her top five values was “self- love”. Further

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Perseverance: The road is long.

Happy New Year! We are five days into  2014.  Many of us have made our New Year resolutions or set our goals for 2014.  The research suggests that 25% of people abandon their resolutions after one week.  I have never been one for making resolutions, instead over the past few

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