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Echoes in eternity

My leadership class is often a rich place of learning for me. Each week students are required to submit leadership “quotes that inspire”.  A recent quote caught my attention and  was chosen as the subject for our class discussion. The quote is from the movie “Gladiator”.  Just before a major

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A Tale of Abundance

  Abundance is the opposite of lack/scarcity. In my last post I wrote about lack as a mindset that inhibits us from sharing what we have with those who are truly needy around us. It also rob us of the ability to see and enjoy that with which we have

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A mindset of lack

The past, if we let it, can poison the present and hijack the future.  The past, if we learn from it, can be the springboard in the present as we move into the future. I still enjoy playing squash 1-2 times a week. My 7+ years-old court shoes are now

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