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Sometimes you win sometimes you learn

John Maxwell’s recent book – “Sometimes you win sometimes you learn” – provides the title for this post concerning things I learned from  a recent workshop presentation.  The original saying of course is: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose”.  Maxwell believes that life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses/failures/mistakes.

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“Inside Job”

This post has its origin in an exchange with a colleague of mine sometime last week.  I was walking ahead of her but could see her reflection in the glass doors in front of me.  With my back turned to her I greeted her.  How did you know it was

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Manzanilla dreaming

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It’s March 1st. Temperatures today are colder than they have been on most days in January!  The first day of spring, they tell me, is just three weeks away.   I find myself longing for warmer climes. The app on my phone tells me that temperatures on the island of

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