Monthly Archives: December 2014

By the numbers

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have the privilege to mentor emerging young leaders.  I recently received this piece on attitude from one of these leaders. Much has been said about the importance of attitude.  Winston Churchill described attitude as: ” a little thing that makes a big

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Unquenchable light that flows through the cosmos

Christmas time is always an interesting, often chaotic time for me. Part of that chaos is the academic/work frame of final exams and papers to be evaluated.  When you final catch your breath [feels sometimes like am just coming up for air], January and a new term looms large on

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Letting Go

A recent conversation set me to musing about letting go. Two events in my life stand out- times when letting go was necessary, but tough at the same time: giving up coaching soccer, the game I love, and having to walk away from my pursuit of a PhD. I  carried the

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