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Do you want to climb?

Helping individual leaders (or individuals) grow is a great way to extends your influence and impact! We begin by believing that every person is a potential candidate for development; worthy of the time, effort , energy and resources that their development requires [John Maxwell]. However, unless an individual is willing

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Full Citizen

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I lost my passport. Suffice it to say the story is convoluted and straightforward at the same time. No details forthcoming. Reality. I have to replace it.  Here is where things get interesting.  The process is more detailed than simply renewing  an expired passport that is still in your possession.

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The power of small beginnings/things

Thought I would share with you some words that have recently been a source of inspiration to me. I chose to call this post “the power of small beginnings”. The acorn never sees the oak tree.  The tree that springs from the tiny acorn has the potential to produce hundreds/thousands

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“Here be Giants”

Tradition has it that mapmakers of old would inscribe on their maps phrases such as – “Here/there be dragons” – to indicate unexplored and potentially dangerous areas beyond the limits of their known world.  In many ways, if we are following a vision, a calling,  a sense of destiny, similar

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