A matter of perspective?

complainerI read  an article by Jon Gordon this week entitled:- “5 things to do instead of complain” – in which he recommends that we try to do a “complaining fast”.  We are all familiar with complaining.  Usually I am easy-going and fairly even in my approach to life.  I do my best complaining when I am tired, hungry or frustrated with a situation.  Gordon’s article reminded me of the following  story  about two men who go from England to Africa in the early 20th century to see whether there was a market for shoe sales. The first man telegrams back: “Situation hopeless; they don’t wear shoes.” The second sends a separate telegram: “Glorious opportunity — they don’t have any shoes yet.” Same situation different perspectives.

Complaining has a lot to do with the perspective [attitude] we choose to adopt to the situations we face.  When we focus on ourselves and the situation we are prone to complain. This ancient Persian proverb reminds us of the  bigger picture: “I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet…”

From Gordon’s article here are the five things to do instead of complain:

1. Practice gratitude; [ In everything try to find a way to give thanks].

2. Praise others;

3. Focus on success;

4. Let go;

5. Pray.

Follow the following link:  “5 things to do instead of complain” to read the entire article.

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Cliff {AMDG}


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  1. Ann Holmes

    Cliff, nice article. I had a similar ‘perspective shifter’ last week. I was out for a run at 6 am and the roads/sidewalks were sort of slippery, slushy, rutted, just simply a mess. I was mentally complaining about while I was trying to just finish my run and get home for a nice hot shower. About 5 minutes from home, in the dark and cold, I saw a person bundled up going for a walk. This person was using a wheeled-walker and just out getting some exercise. It was a moment that altered my thinking. Seriously, if that person could be out making the commitment to their health in that situation, then what the heck was my problem? Whining stopped, running became easier, and my attitude did a complete 180. Perspective, indeed. Thanks for the post.

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