A mindset of lack

desolate beautyThe past, if we let it, can poison the present and hijack the future.  The past, if we learn from it, can be the springboard in the present as we move into the future.

I still enjoy playing squash 1-2 times a week. My 7+ years-old court shoes are now past due for replacement. I have noticed that many times in the past I would have a conversation with my wife Susan as a way of justifying my need to purchase the new and necessary item. This time the conversation was different. The casual reference to old squash shoes and the need to replace them, gave me insight that was tied to my growing up days in Trinidad, and helped to explain some of my current choices.

I like to hang on to things. My closet is somewhat cluttered with shirts, etc. that have seen better days and that need new homes.  They are long past their “best before dates” but I still hang on to them.  I am not talking about the responsible use of resources but of hanging on to things – out of fear, out of a mindset of lack. Some of that mindset is tied to my childhood days when we lived “closer to the edge” and when making things last was a necessity.  This mindset of lack I have discovered, still exert some covert influences on my present actions.

A mindset of lack inhibits us from sharing what we have with those who are truly needy around us.  It also rob us of the ability to see and enjoy that with which we have been blessed. A mindset of lack may not be an issue for you but we still need to ask ourselves what are the chains from the past that still binds us in the present?  How will we choose to break free?

My first step will be to begin [this weekend] to do some serious “culling” of my wardrobe etc. – letting go of some image of lackthings, breaking free from that mindset of lack.  After all the promise is clear:  ” The Lord is my shepherd I will not lack for anything”.  It was true when I was growing up [even in those tough early years In Trinidad there was always enough], and it is true today.  He has brought me this far and he will keep me all the way. What’s your story? Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment. Pass it on. Cliff {AMDG}

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