A Tale of Abundance


Maui splendor

Maui splendor

Abundance is the opposite of lack/scarcity. In my last post I wrote about lack as a mindset that inhibits us from sharing what we have with those who are truly needy around us. It also rob us of the ability to see and enjoy that with which we have been blessed. My mission after last week’s post was to do some “culling” of my wardrobe and replace my 7+ years-old court shoes. I have begun the culling and I have replaced the court shoes.Therein lies a tale.


I broke the strings on my second racquet playing squash on Friday[7/2]. At the end of the match I had two racquets with broken strings, and of course my old shoes in my bag. My goal was to replace these items on the weekend. Weekends are always busy it seems, this one more so because of Black History celebrations going on all month-long, and basketball games to watch.
I arrived at the sports store with about 1/2 hour to spare before the start of my son’s basketball game. I expressed my disappointment over the short life time of my last racquet string job. Squash being the game that it is, there is no real guarantee on string jobs. The young attendant behind the counter [a total stranger], was very helpful and at the end of the conversation offered to give me his employee discount on my purchase of the new strings. I am running out of time before the start of the basketball game so I had ditched the idea of getting my new court shoes.
On the way to the checkout the young man asked me if there was anything else I needed from the store. I mentioned the shoes. He told me to get them and they would also be covered by his discount. I thanked my young benefactor. Trinidad abundance As I walked out of the store, I realized that I had bought strings, squash balls and court shoes for about $10 more than the cost of re-stringing my racquets at regular price. The employee discount was 50%! [I also made it home in time for the start of the ball game].


Only on my walk yesterday, [Sunday, 9/2], did I begin to make the connection between my actions to challenge my mindset of lack and the unexpected generosity – a gift of abundance – shown to me by the young customer rep. Now some will say that this was mere coincidence. My friend Tom would say that “coincidence is only God acting anonymously”. In any case the promise still stands: ” The Lord is my shepherd I will not lack for anything”. If we pause to pay attention, we will see his “fingerprints”.
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Cliff {AMDG}


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  1. Dawn Bast

    Thanks for this post Cliff! This has been on my heart of late. bless you!

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