To be or not to be…

Leadership is about influence – making a positive difference in the lives of others.  Often when we think about exemplary leaders individuals such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King JR, Nelson Mandela or Sir Winston Churchill spring to mind.  Consider the story of Hannah Taylor: At five years old Hannah

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What limits you?

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The road from Sangre Grande, my hometown, the largest town in the northeast region of Trinidad, to Toco a tiny fishing village on Trinidad’s northeast coast, must have been the source of inspiration for the lines from the song: “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.” “ The road is long

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Fog and the promise of sunshine

Feb. 10/13, 8:30 am. Foggy morning in Prince George, British Columbia.  Beautiful frost patterns on trees, shrubs – just about everywhere.  Snow on the ground combined with fog means I can’t see the path clearly – even a well known trail. Fog however, is not the ultimately reality. The clear

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Adversity Reveals Refines and Builds Character

Adversity Builds Character


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