Musical Musings


Christmas time is always a busy time for me; the term is ended grades are in, I catch my breath and it’s Christmas Eve. My favorite Christmas time activities include skiing (if there is snow and it’s not too cold!) and baking different types of breads. The smell of baked

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The music of Christmas

  This post is more of an announcement rather than a post. I often seem to get the inspiration to write music/songs at this time of the year. This year is no exception.   I have just written and recorded what I am calling my “Christmas Calypso” (a bit of

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A song for all seasons

Songs have seasons and times.  As a musician, singer and songwriter part of what you hope for is to write, play and sing  in such a way that you touch the hearts of your listeners, “in your time”; that your songs would “move heaven and earth”.  You also hope that

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To the rhythm of the tambourines

  The vision for using music to touch lives was the raison d’être for the birth of  “raphsongmusic”.  Although much has been written on a variety of other topics, the original vision still holds true.  Every now and again, the music motif is given fresh life.  A recent, fresh reading of

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Attitude of Gratitude

  I am a singer-songwriter.  A couple of days ago I woke  with a song I wrote  running through my head. The song is entitled – Righteous – based on Psalm 37:25.  The words of the song take me back to an earlier time growing up in Trinidad. I can

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