Christmas loaves

Christmas time is always a busy time for me; the term is ended grades are in, I catch my breath and it’s Christmas Eve. My favorite Christmas time activities include skiing (if there is snow and it’s not too cold!) and baking different types of breads. The smell of baked loaves is one of my favorite memories of  Christmas time as a young lad growing up in Trinidad and Tobago.

If you are interested in a slice feel free to drop in for a taste!

Music and Christmas go together for me.  I have included a recent song commenting on the mixture that we have at Christmas time.  It’s a “me and my computer” production. Hope you enjoy it.   Wishing all a Merry Christmas and much blessings in the year to come.

Thanks for stopping by. If you enjoyed the song feel free to share it.

Cliff {AMDG}


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  1. Thanks for the memory, Merry Christmas!!

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