Do you want to climb?

Roche Boule

Roche Boule

Helping individual leaders (or individuals) grow is a great way to extends your influence and impact! We begin by believing that every person is a potential candidate for development; worthy of the time, effort , energy and resources that their development requires [John Maxwell].

However, unless an individual is willing to “buy in” to the possibility of their development, unless that person chooses to grow, no amount of effort on our part can motivate them to change.   People have to take responsibility for their own growth.  So then it is not a question of can a person grow and develop but rather do they want to?

Not everyone wants to climb the mountain. According to Ken Blanchard – the mark of someone with potential to grow is their openness to the growth process. Facilitating the growth and development of  others  is a process that can leave us disappointed; but that risk is worth the reward of seeing an individual grow to become the person they were created to be.

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Cliff {AMDG}

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  1. Cliff lovely picture. Very inviting for a climb. I am in the process of growing and developing as a human being and Mental Health Advocate. I always find your writing very interesting and very inspiring. Thanks Lou Maclaren

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