Giftedness and Character

We all know of at least one “great”, gifted person who has fallen because of a lack of character – true integrity.fallen 

John Maxwell in his book: “The 21 most important minutes in a leader’s day”, recounts the story of Samson. Samson was a son of promise. He was set apart from birth to be a leader/judge of his people.  He was gifted with unusual strength.  Samson had a lot going for him.  His lack of character was his ‘Achilles heel’- his point of greatest vulnerability. Because of this lack, he ended up weak, blinded and beholden to his enemies. [You can read the full story in the Old Testament book of Judges:  Chapters 13 – 16].

Two takeaways from the story: 

    1. Giftedness without character is a disaster waiting to happen.

    2. To be truly effective, giftedness must be carried in the vessel of character.

As individuals and as leaders our character is key to our living lives of lasting influence.  We have no control over the talents and gifts with which we have been born.  However, we can choose to live authentic lives learning from the lesson of Samson and others.

Happy Easter!  Take time to listen to the brief clip from “Resurrection Song”.

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4 Responses to Giftedness and Character

  1. sharon

    “living lives of lasting influence” I love that line. Simple and effective, not too much dressing. I like.

  2. Marilyn Raphael

    I agree with the take home messages. Samson could have been so much more were it not for his “Achilles heel” as you call it. But, in defense of Samson, his end was a bit more triumphant than you describe, no? He did regain his strength and he was in the end able to make his enemies pay…..

    • cliff

      Thanks for an excellent comment. Samson’s end was triumphant. The message for me would be that there can be redemption after even the biggest failure.

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