He is in it for the long haul

img_2638Just finished listening to Oh Danny Boy. The line that stands out for me at this time of the year… the summer’s gone and all the roses falling… The leaves are changing colour and falling here in PG; another fall term with it’s rush and bustle is upon us. Hard to believe. It marks 40 years in Canada, and the start of year #28 teaching at the College of New Caledonia.  It seems that there is always a new twist on the old and familiar so you are never fully prepared. I am still passionate about teaching, although I think the fire of those early years has died back to steady glowing embers. Maybe it’s age.


Hibiscus splendor

Earlier this year I had a chance to visit Trinidad and Tobago, my country of origin. It was a good visit seeing family, visiting beaches and enjoying my favourite tropical delight: mangoes.  After this most recent visit, I think I would have to define myself as ‘bicultural’ – able to move between, and function in two cultures, but not completely at home in either.

As I enter my 41st year in my adopted country, and the R-word [retirement], increasingly comes up in conversation, I am encouraged by words from the prophet Isaiah:

img_2637It is you, not I, who have been carried from before you were born. Indeed, when you were still in the womb, I was taking care of  you.     

And when you are old, I will still be there, carrying you.
When your limbs grow tired, your eyes are weak,             
And your hair a silvery gray, I will carry you as I always have.
I will carry you and save you. [Isaiah 46:3,4; The Voice]    

My takeaway from these words originally spoken to the people of Israel is as follows: I have been and am being pursued by the love of God; I am transformed by the grace of God; and I am being kept by the faithfulness of God.

He is in it for the long haul.

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Cliff {AMDG}


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