Hope springs eternal

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American Robin

Prince George BC; where winter comes swiftly and leaves on leaden feet.  Spring time in Prince George or is it?  Lingering snow patches suggest otherwise.  Spring – the season of hope.  Winter is over, summer is coming [maybe]. The birds begin to sing, flowers start blooming. Creation is re-born.

I saw robins in my backyard for the first time this spring about two weeks ago. Robins for me are the sign that spring is here; a sign of hope.  Several years ago on a freshly snow-covered morning in late April I heard a flock of clamorously joyful robins vocalizing as if to say: ignore what you see listen to us! Have hope.

What the birds “know” instinctively and we have come to “know” through observation is that spring follows winter in the regular rhythm of nature. This regularity is echoed in  an age old promise spoken over 3000 years ago:   “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease” [Genesis].  There is reason for hope.

Hope is fundamental to our existence as human beings.  Hope transcends our immediate circumstances.  Hope speaks of something better to come. But what is this thing called hope? Is it wishful/wistful longing [I hope to win the lottery]? Or is it something more?  A tangible confident expectation that what we do not see right now will one day be fully realized.

The declaration about, or need for hope is echoed in a range of songs: Reggae king Bob Marley – “Everything’s gonna be alright”.

Jack Johnson in his song entitled “Hope” -“you better hope you’re not alone.” In the words of the hymn writer of old: “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…”

What are you hoping for and what is your basis for hope?

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Cliff {AMDG}

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