Humming bird in August

green hummingbird

It is the end of August. Already some of the trees  are beginning to display their fall splendor. A bit too soon for me!  I toyed very briefly with the idea of calling this piece: ” Ode to  a Hummingbird” but thought that would be a wee bit pretentious.  So I settled instead for the more mundane title: “Hummingbird in August”.

It’s been here before this tiny bundle of life and energy.  It seems out of place at this time of year in this northern clime; a visitor from a distant, more suitable environs.

Yet, with whirring wings it flits and flashes – iridescent green in the afternoon light. Dancing it seems  on invisible currents of air.  Its flight pure visual delight.

How do you photograph a humming bird as it flits from flower to flower;

As it dips and dances, reveling  as it plays in the shower gushing from the abandoned sprinkler?

Take a picture! Capture the moment the rational mind screams. This could be a photo to remember.

Relax. Enjoy the moment the spirit gently whispers.

Yours is a special privilege.  Celebrate!

This is poetry on the wing.

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Cliff {AMDG}

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2 Responses to Humming bird in August

  1. Gary Clarke

    The iridescence is the problem. Some would argue that it was necessary in the evolutionary chain to attract the mate, and continue the species. For many it’s becoming apparent that the sheer complexity and variety of creation has become a problem in the evolving trials and error of explanation.
    We had the privilege of sponsoring and helping the Vietnamese and Cambodians get out of the refugee camps in the early 80’s. My Cambodian friends told stories of horrific Pol Pot regime. One day his grandmother came and told him it was “time to become fertilizer”, so she went up to a shallow grave, and the thugs whacked her in the back of the head with a shovel.
    Neil deGrasse Tyson in an interview with Dawkins said one of the most amazing facts of the universe was that he was made up of the same atoms that were found in the universe, and that his atoms would be recycled and used again. A brilliant man, but his amazement can be reduced to a simple “I’m amazed that I will become fertilizer”.
    Now Dawkins is a common thief- makes a living stealing hope from common folk. But is Tyson an cousin of Pol Pot?
    Anyway, who would kill a hummingbird for fertilizer?

  2. You have a really good article here. I enjoyed reading this information because it made me use my head. I don’t get to do that often with most online content.

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