Into the Wilderness… Day 2

bowron lakes circuitJune 29, 2013. Here continues the Bowron saga.   The owl visited last night. We never saw him but heard the hooting of an inquisitive owl asking, so it would seem: “who are you, and why are you here?” It  rained overnight at least it sprinkled a bit.  Weather on the Bowron can be as variable as the topography. The rain overnight was the only precipitation we would experience for the entire four days.  Skies cleared in the morning and it was sunny and hot for the duration of the trek.

The main section of Isaac Lake [IL] is a 33 km long fiord-like body of water. The western side of the lake is unusually straight attesting to a fault-dominated origin.  Conventional wisdom is that you spend only as much time as necessary on Isaac due to the vagaries of wind and waves.  Our objective on this day was to paddle the entire length of Isaac Lake from Wolverine Bay to the cook shelter at the southern tip of the lake.

We had breakfast, loaded the canoes and headed south.  A short distance from shore we paused for a few minutes of contemplation as Steve scattered his dad’s ashes.  The Bowron circuit is filled with memories for Steve. Today we added another one.



Heading south on Isaac

As we journey south we are blessed with light to calm wind conditions.




Cariboo Mountains

We are treated to spectacular views of the Cariboo Mountains, avalanche tracks, roaring waterfalls and a bald eagle on the wing.  I am reminded of lines from Handel’s “Creation”: ” The heavens are telling the glory of God; the wonders of His work displays the firmament…”


Bald eagle on the wing

Did I mention it was hot?! Staying hydrated was again an important challenge.

Steve got a bit of sunstroke so it was tough slogging for the last couple of hours.  We arrived at the cook shelter at the end of Isaac Lake around 8 pm at night; exhausted but still in good spirits with enough energy to brave the very cold waters of Isaac for a cleansing swim/wade/stand and splash.



The Isaac cook shelter is the one place on the circuit where you are most likely to meet other travelers.  There were a number of campers at the shelter including the three young men from Quesnel mentioned earlier.  Our three young friends decided to run  “The Chute”- a short section of about grade 2 whitewater where the Isaac River flows out of Isaac Lake.   Many people have attempted  to run ” The Chute”, some are successful others not.  Our three friends were not successful but apart from being wet and cold were still in high spirits  when we saw them afterward.  One of the lads describes being in the water then being back in the canoe with no recollection as to how he got back into the boat.  Fear and adrenalin can be amazing motivators!

Day is dying in the west as we settle in for our second night on the circuit.  To be continued…

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Cliff {AMDG}

Isaac Lake sunset

Sunset on Isaac Lake





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