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bowron lakes

Bowron Lakes

The final day of our Bowron Lake adventure was probably the hottest and the hardest for paddling ; arms and body were tired.  The final day is also our shortest only  about 17 km to the pullout point.  The words of inspiration for the final day: “Bless the Lord O my soul and all my innermost being bless his holy name.”  The wind is mostly behind us as we paddle to Pat’s Point midway along Spectacle Lake. We stop for a rest and for water.  Pat’s Point is another picturesque spot along the way.

Canoes at Pat's Point

Canoes at Pat’s Point

The wind has strengthened as we continue on our way but it is still a tail wind.

At the end of Spectacle lake we connect up to the Bowron Marsh.  The marsh with its multiple channels and slow moving current reminds me of the mangrove swamps of Trinidad. Here we encounter our first wildlife close up:  a giant cow moose and calf.  Later on we pause to view a young bull moose feeding.

The wind is still at our backs as we begin the transit of the final lake – Bowron Lake. Under windy conditions crossing this lake can be a tricky proposition.  The teamwork developed over the pass three days is an asset as we navigate through the choppy conditions. The waves seemed to be coming from two directions at once.  We crossed over to the far side then paddled the final 3- 4 km to our pull out point at the Bowron Lake Provincial campground. The end of an adventure.  Here are some of my  lessons/ takeaways from my wilderness adventure:

1.the importance of staying focused on the goal in the midst of the immediate circumstances;

2. the power of song to re-invigorate and lift the spirit;

3. The Bowron needs to be “experienced” not “conquered”.  I missed out on the opportunity to experience the circuit in our drive to complete it.  It will require more time on another visit.  Rushing through means we can miss some of the important lessons that have the potential to enrich us.

4. Your attitude will determine how you experience life’s challenges.

5. Don’t jump in with your eyes closed!

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Cliff {AMDG}

Journey's End

Journey’s End

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