Leadership: vision, success and value

blindOne of the many privileges of being a teacher is the opportunity to learn from those being taught.  This has been my experience in recent weeks.  One of my roles is to engage and challenge my students about building self-leadership into their lives… becoming leaders from the inside out. I want to recap two themes from recent conversations and discussions.

  1. The importance of having a personal vision for your life and inspiring a shared vision;

The importance of vision was beautifully summarized by one discussion group as follows: “Following a leader without a vision is like being led by a blind person down a path they have never traveled before”. If the blind lead the blind… Our discussion on vision left us with two questions: Do I have a personal vision for my life; and what is the vision of the leader whom I have chosen to follow?

  1. Defining success and value.

A quote from Albert Einstein -“Try not to become a man (person) of success, but rather try to become a man (person) of value” –  was the trigger for another learning moment.  The following graphics help to summarize the discussions.


Success is seen as having mainly an inward focus (it’s about me), driven by a “Scarcity Mentality”.  There is not enough. We become takers.

Value is additive. The focus is outward, motivated by an “Abundance Mentality”. There is enough for all. We become givers.Presentation2

Here is a definition of success that emerged from our conversations: “Success is discovering your life’s purpose and living it out”.

Achieving success and being a person of value are not mutually exclusive endeavours.  We can use our success in life to add value to others, thereby enhancing our legacy.

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