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p_view-lakeWilliams Lake. Centre of the Cariboo Region of British Columbia. Gateway to the village of Bella Coola on the Central coast. Known for its rodeos and ranches. Located approximately 242 kms south of Prince George along Hwy 97 and approximately 540 kms north of Vancouver, the largest population center in British Columbia. Home of the Columneetza Cougars.  Tough town to be the visiting team.

The Columneetza Cougars were winners of the 2010 North Central District AA Boys Basketball Zone Championship held on February 11- 14, 2010 in Williams Lake BC.  A recent series of conversations brought back memories of that  event and the remarkable series of games played by another team, the Duchess Park senior boys basketball team. The team played a total of seven games over the four- day period.  In the past 10+ years I have spent many hours in school gyms watching basketball games; that tournament in February 2010 stands out as one of the most memorable.

Several leadership and life principles emerged/ were apparent from the play and attitudes of the Duchess Park Condors Senior Boys Basketball team over the four-day period.




1.  Trust – the fundamental foundation on which a team is built.  Without trust there is no team.  It is the key ingredient necessary for synergy; synergy  where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

2.  Passion – Excellence is impossible without passion – passion for the task at hand; passion to see the team/other person be successful.

3. Encouragement –  This was the gift given in the good moments and bad moments of the games  to help the one being encouraged to carry on.

4.  Heart/Tenacity/Perseverance – Heart is one of the characteristics that separate the good from the great.  The Duchess Park  Condors played with incredible heart through seven games of the competition;  bouncing back from adversity to defeat College Heights [the 2nd ranked team] and the zone favourites Columneetza on the same magical Saturday, 13/2/2010.   It was heart that kept them going in the final game on 14/2/2010, beyond the point where their legs were gone.  They lost with dignity to Columneetza in that final game.  There is no substitute for HEART.  Heart cannot be taught.

5. True success is not measured by external standards – what others think- rather it is measured by “how well you have achieved according to your own internal standards” [Josh Raphael].  True motivation comes from within and may or may not receive external validation.

Important lessons from the game. Important lessons for life. Leave a comment. Pass it on. Like it on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by.

Cliff {AMDG}

Love basketball

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2 Responses to Lessons from the game

  1. Marilyn Raphael

    Nice, rich piece. I totally agree with Josh.

    • cliff

      Always good to receive the encouraging words. It was a remarkable weekend and I had the privilege to be there for it.

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