Lure of the lakes

Bowron lakes circuit

Bowron lakes circuit

In June 2013, over a period of four days, I completed the Bowron Lakes circuit for the first time. Two years later I signed up to do the circuit again. This time around we decided to add an extra day to our adventure.  The “Bowron

Bowron boatmen

Bowron boatmen

boatmen” for 2015 were [L-R], Cliff, Keven, Brad and Steve, the master organizer, who has done this circuit at least 15 times! The first night of the trip is usually spent at the Bowron Lake Provincial Park campground. We arrived at the campground just as the rain from a thunderstorm began to pour down.  We opted to pay the extra cost and spend the night at one of the Becker lodges.  Good choice. Very comfortable accommodations with excellent views of Bowron lake.  We were dry; starting on the circuit with wet gear would not have been fun.

bowron 15 038

Wolverine mountain from Indianpoint lake

Day 1, a beautiful sunny day, began with the mandatory orientation video and canoe weigh-in.  Then it’s on the trail with the first of three strenuous portages from trail head to Kibbee Lake.  The next portage takes us from Kibbee lake to Indianpoint lake and the third takes us from Indianpoint lake to Isaac lake.  All told, we would portage a total of 6.4 km on our first day… in my opinion, the toughest day.

The highlight of this first day is a mid-afternoon “lunch” stop at a beautiful beach on Indianpoint lake. Warm sunshine. Cold water – refreshing and invigorating. Surrounded by all this beauty – creation displaying the glory of God.  What is it about the Bowron that keeps people coming or coming back? Is it the challenge of pitting your strength and resources against the wilderness? Is it the adventure? Is it simply on the “bucket list”? Is it the sheer beauty of majestic mountains, pristine lakes and stupendous waterfalls? Or is it all of the above? Regardless of the reason the Bowron is worth exploring!

bowron 15 041

“Little cabin in the woods”

Our goal for our first camp is the cook shelter at Wolverine bay, on Isaac lake.  At 38 km, L-shaped Isaac lake is the longest lake on the circuit.  The cook shelter, at the crook of the L, is under repair, so we have to make our way further down Isaac to find a camp spot.  We camped for the night at a small cabin three or four campsites down from the cook shelter.  The end of a long, strenuous day… To be continued.

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