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Smithers is  an attractive little town in Northwestern British Columbia, with a population of about 6000 people.  Nestled in the Bulkley Valley at the base of Hudson’s Bay mountain, it  is about midway between Prince George in the interior and Prince Rupert on the coast as you drive along the Yellowhead Highway [Highway 16 West]. From the number of sporting goods/ outdoor recreation stores on Main Street one can assume that the population lives an active lifestyle.

To celebrate our recent wedding anniversary we took a 3-day trip to ns cafeSmithers over the May long weekend. It rained one night but for the most part the weather was pleasant. There are several restaurants on Main Street [ the main drag].  On the Sunday of the long weekend we drove along Main Street looking for a place to have our anniversary dinner.  We stopped at the Northern Star Cafe which advertised both Chinese and Canadian cuisine. The exterior and interior of the Cafe were not very inviting. The interior decor looked like it was from a much earlier time.  Based on our first impressions we decided to look for an alternative. We discovered that on this May long weekend most of the other restaurants on Main Street were closed!

Since there were no other alternatives we decided, with a little trepidation ( images of possible food poisoning Northern Star Cafeprobably dancing in our heads!], to return to the Northern Star Cafe.

From our table we had a spectacular view of Hudson’s Bay Mountain back-lighted by the evening sun.  Our food came quickly.  It was hot and very tasty, beating most offerings of Chinese food I have had in Prince George by a long shot.  It was one of the best anniversary dinners we have ever had.  We were really glad that we had decided to “risk” the Northern Star Cafe experience.


Hudson’s Bay Mt.

Moral of the story? Don’t be too hasty in judgement, whether of situations or people.  Sometimes “what we see is what we get”, but we need to risk to go beyond first appearances to discover what may be hidden behind first impressions.

Northern Star Cafe, Smithers.  Don’t be fooled by externals. Stop and enjoy some good food.

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Cliff {AMDG}

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  1. sharon

    Nicely delivered reminder.

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