Peace like a river


The Inn

The South Thompson Inn and Conference Center is situated on the north bank of the South Thompson River a few kilometers east of Kamloops, British Columbia. The setting is elegant and peaceful amidst the visually rich landscapes of the valley.

valley landscapes

valley landscapes


The site had its hey day in an earlier time.  Present owners of the inn are trying to restore some of that former glory.


Stable suites

The Stable Suites, restored living quarters of former jockeys and trainers, are reminders of the equestrian heritage of this place.

The best views of the river are from the balcony of the stable suites. Here the river runs silent and deep.


The river

As I contemplate the view,  songs from an earlier time come flooding thru my mind: ” I’ve got peace like a river; “There is a river of life flowing out of me and the grandest of all in terms of its poetry, “Like a river glorious”.

Like a river glorious is God’s perfect peace

Over all victorious in its bright increase…

Stayed upon Christ Jesus hearts are fully blessed.

Finding as he promised perfect peace and rest.

The old hymn based on promises from both

Old and New testament scriptures

is a source of encouragement.  Peace like a river.

Peace as a foundation. Necessary reminders in times when everything

is topsy- turvy and life screams slow down! My God is the God of peace.  May he smile on you and be gracious.  May he look you full in the face and give you peace.

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  1. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Your blog caught my eye because today is the day of James Mountain’s death, in 1933. (If his name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the one who composed the common tune used with “Like a River Glorious.”) You can read my comments here…

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