Perseverance: The road is long.

franconia-ridge-best-hikesHappy New Year! We are five days into  2014.  Many of us have made our New Year resolutions or set our goals for 2014.  The research suggests that 25% of people abandon their resolutions after one week.  I have never been one for making resolutions, instead over the past few years I have spent time on January 1, setting “goals”. The question I ask myself during my goals-setting session sounds something like this: What do I want to see/accomplish for that particular year?

For 2014 I have identified several areas where I want to see growth and development and the actions I need to take to bring this about. For example, I want to grow my relationships with my wife and two sons which will involve setting aside specific time daily/weekly to make connections. Of course as we all know good intentions are of no real value unless followed up by concrete actions.

My younger son, Josh, sets the example for me as an individual who identifies his goals and has specific actions that he takes to accomplish them.  He recently introduced me to an article that is already proving useful to me as I approach my goals for  2014.  The article entitled: “What’s your 20 mile march”, examines the race to the south pole between Robert F. Scott and Roald Amundsen [1911], and identifies several lessons that can be applied to any situation where consistency/discipline/perseverance is required.  The achievement of our new year goals is one such situation. I have included a link to this article   [What’s your 20 mile march?].  I am a regular subscriber to a blog by Michael Hyatt [Intentional Leadership]. I want to also recommend his recent post on the importance of writing down your goals [Michael Hyatt].   ” The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary” [Vince Lombardi].  If we want to see success or growth in 2014,  we have to commit ourselves on a daily basis to the work that will be necessary to see our goals come to fruition.   May you prosper in your endeavors in 2014!

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  1. Gary Clarke

    The College level history books used to teach that when Alexander the Great had conquered all known kingdoms to the Indus river, he sat down and wept. There were no more kingdoms to conquer, and he had accomplished all his goals. He lost sight of the difference between Purpose and Goals. I don’t think they ever taught that at high school level. The facts Mam- just the facts.
    There is a difference between Goals and Purpose. A goal is always measurable, and can be accomplished within a certain time period- then replaced by a new goal.
    A purpose is not measurable- and is never fully accomplished- only refined and restated if you find your right purpose in life. Some goals should be set to fit into your purpose. I can only think of One Person who might have said “It is Finished”, and fully accomplished His life’s purpose.
    Anyway- why would we want to expose high school kids to the idea they have a great purpose in life?

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