Rain like Grace

fall day

fall day

tree reflectionSeptember 21. Grey rainy day. First day of fall or last day of summer? The astronomical definition is very precise; it’s the last day of summer.  The day to day experience is not so precise.  It’s felt like fall all this past week! As I watch the rain coming down I am reminded of the Gaelic blessing: “May the road rise up to meet you … may the rains fall softly on your fields…” But there is a song in my head  and my thoughts are drawn back to my visit last July to Trinidad where I heard the song- “My God is awesome”- for the first time.  I loved it the first time I heard it and have listen to the song many times since. I am excited about playing it with my music team.  The lines of the first verse reads as follows:

My God is awesome; he can move mountains.

Keep me in the valley;

Hide me from the rain.

I am intrigued by the words of the third line: ” Hide me from the rain”.  If I am in the middle of one of those famous tropical downpours where the landscape disappears and the rain is falling so hard that it overwhelms the gutters and the drain systems and threatens it seems to penetrate the roofs of the houses; I want to take shelter, be hidden.

fall coloursBut there is another side to rain. Rain in the scriptures [the Bible] is often used as a symbol of blessing. In the context of rain as blessing I don’t want to be hidden.  Instead, I want to sing: “Pours on me His rain”.  In the valley, in the presence of my enemies, in my driest times I want him to pour on me his rain.  It may be the gentle rains of a Gaelic blessing or the torrents of a tropical downpour. I want to be in the place to receive that cleansing, refreshing rain.  I cannot contain it all.  Sometimes I feel I need to do something to deserve it.  Maybe, all I need to do is position my heart to receive and like my young nephew Glen Miguel during a tropical downpour last July, go play in the rain.

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Cliff {AMDG}


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4 Responses to Rain like Grace

  1. Holly Nathan

    Lovely, Cliff. Bring on the rain!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights…:)

  2. Heather Dunn

    Thx for your blog Cliff.
    Your words on rain reminded me of a short poem that came to me when I moved to BC and noticed the frequency of rain:
    How can I enjoy the sun
    f I don’t experience the rain?
    How can i enjoy God’s love
    if I don’t experience the pain?
    In everything may i see God’s hand
    guiding me thru this new land.

    I now love rain. I miss it when we have 60 days of sun like this summer. I must be a wet-coast person now! God in our everything!

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