Rumours of glory

Hay bales

Hay bales

I am driving to Quesnel for our annual summer all- day golf event. In the golden light of the early morning the ordinary things – bales of hay dotting the landscape in the distance- are transformed into things of beauty. There is a response in my spirit, undefinable – the ordinary things speak of that which is to come.  I am reminded of  an old song by Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn: “Rumours of  glory”.  I am not sure what Bruce had in mind when he penned this song but the title conveys the idea to me that glory is just “waiting in the wings” – ready to be revealed to those who have eyes to see.

winter beauty

winter beauty

The natural things: frost in winter, the colours of fall,  an idyllic waterfall in a tropical paradise, bales of hay in the sunshine; all speak of the invisible.  We were made for more than what we see around us.waterfall

I had another occasion to remember “Rumours of glory” this week sparked by a conversation with a former colleague whom I had not seen in years. Part way through the conversation he spoke of the need to “fabricate purpose”. That we have to “fabricate purpose” suggest that there is a felt need for purpose. Viktor Frankl speaks of the need for meaning and significance. St Augustine declares: “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”  In the longing of our heart for purpose and significance I hear the whisper of glory “waiting in the wings”. Our inner longings suggest that we were made for more than what we see around us.

reflected glory

reflected glory

We are made for purpose. We are made for glory.  As the moon reflects the glory of the sun so we are called to reflect the glory of the one who declared himself to be “the Light of the world”.  In his light we see light.  Our journey is toward glory.  We are walking into glory, suffused with light.

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Cliff {AMDG}

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3 Responses to Rumours of glory

  1. Geoff Quaedvlieg

    What a great word, “Rumors of Glory”. This really resonates with my spirit and what the Lord has been showing me. When He lifts the veil that blinds His people, we will indeed behold His Glory in all created things!

  2. Gary Clarke

    Bound for Glory- Gone for Gold

    I drove that very same road today, and the views were splendid, with the sun washing over the mowed fields. It’s come to the point that every time I see the bails of hay I think of Your Honour- you’ve infected me.

    But I was not thinking of glory- my purpose was to seek the mother-lode- in the Cottonwood River. I tried panning 3 or 4 pans full, but all I discovered was a leak in my left boot, the ones that my wife bought for me 2 years ago at Marks. Alas- not a flake of colour, but wet wool socks.

    Fish swim, birds fly, and moose rut (saw one at the weigh scales), but they all procreate. Many species know that their purpose is to be the next link in the food chain. IS there any species other than humankind that are confused over their purpose ?

    It is in fashion it seems these days with the young (humans) that there is equal virtue in deciding to be childless And also to be atheists. The two go together actually. Atheists or those who leave their faith have far fewer children, as cited by David Goldman (Spengler) in his book “Why Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Too)”. He links it to faith, but I wonder if it isn’t hope. After all, what kind of hope can you pass on if you think your generations are just an endless cycle of fertilizer?

    I submit to you Mr. Chairman that we stake a claim- and mine it for all its worth. That is, helping the young (and old) find their purpose, and the gifts they have been given to get there. It should all pan out in the end.

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