State of being: The antidote for fear.

Bijou falls

Bijou falls

I have been mulling over writing this piece  on fear since re-reading Michael Crichton’s  Eco-terrorism thriller, “State of Fear”. The following quote was the trigger:   “…Industrialized nations provide their citizens with unprecedented safety, health, and comfort. Average life spans increased 50% in the last century. Yet modern people live in abject fear. They are afraid of strangers, of disease, of crime, of the environment. They are afraid of the homes they live in, the food they eat, the technology that surrounds them. They are in a particular panic over things they can’t even see – germs, chemicals additives, pollutants. They are timid nervous, fretful and depressed… Everything is going to hell and we must all live in fear.” [ State of Fear pg. 455].

 Fear. A familiar human emotion/ response in unfamiliar/uncertain situations.   A wide variety of media play upon our propensity to respond in fear.  My financial adviser friend tells me that fear and greed are the two things that drive the world’s stock markets.   Jim Richards, [Impact ministries], describes fear as “a cancer that eats away at the very root of who you are”.  Fear is the domain and stronghold of the darkness.  It wreaks havoc with our focus and will undermine our understanding  and experience of who we are as children of God.

Reality:  There are things to be afraid of.  In the movie, “After Earth”, Will Smith’s character tells his son, “Danger is very real. Fear is a choice.”  Sometimes fear is evoked not in the presence of the danger  itself but by the thought of the possibility of the danger occurring.  Bears are common in the Prince George region where I live.  I have never encountered a bear in the wild but in a recent visit to some field installations the thought of such an encounter was a source of fear for me.

My musings on fear have  led me to several places in the Bible where fear is mentioned.  David in the shepherd’s psalm say: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me”.  Joshua in an earlier time is encouraged… “be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified… for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”.  In another reference the writer states: ” God is our refuge and strength  an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we will not fear, thought the earth gives way…”  From a contemplation of these and other references I have come to the following conclusion; the antidote for fear is a “state of being” founded on four pillars:

fall river view–  A growing understanding and experience of the unconditional love of God the Father.

–  Embracing the reality that his presence is ever with us and his faithfulness is our shield and sure defense.

–  Embracing the reality that nothing can separate us from his love.

–  We have not been given a spirit of fear.

Discipline is incremental, built upon one small action/step after another.  Experiencing the antidote for fear, that state of being, is also incremental, built on one small choice after another. We don’t have to live out our lives in fear.

What are you afraid of?  Leave a comment. Like on Facebook. Pass it on. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Gary Clarke

    Ah Bijou- I know it well- stop there every time. Do you know what it means?

    Every chance I get I bring home the flat green stones from the creekbed- they kind of shimmer, with a gloss- I use them to decorate my garden.

    I also drink directly from the stream every chance I get- the water is pure and clear- so refreshing, and cold. I have a friend who is the head health and water inspector at Northern Health- he questions me for drinking out of anything that is not chlorinated- I in turn drink from nature whenever I can, or if it appears half safe- and risk the “beaver fever”.

    In basic training in the army our sergeant made us fill up our canteens at a roadside puddle, and then drop in our sanity pills. Then we had to drink the whole thing- to prove we wouldn’t die I suppose. As we pulled off the trail to drink, we turned back at the sound of tinkling water- to see the sergeant peeing in the pond we just dipped from. For effect no doubt. “Don’t be afraid” says he.

    Great book came out a few years ago- “Scared to Death”. It chronicles the ever increasing noise levels of fear in the media nad in public discourse. Y2K noise was huge of course- but not even a $4.00 calculator in Indonesia crashed. Same with the latest great Swine Flu.

    This from David Warren- ex journalist who wrote for the Ottawa Citizen, and whom I follow on line:
    Verily: the demonic power, alike of journalists & terrorists, depends upon the human disposition to panic. Refuse to panic, & they are suddenly enfeebled. “Fear not,” as our Lord saith.

    I’ll still drink from Bijou.

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