The difficulty of the path: Lessons from adversity

The winter of 2017 – 2018 will be remembered as one of the snowiest winters in Prince George, BC, in recent years. In the middle of March 2018, the snow was still 3-4 feet deep in places. After the first major snowfall that winter, I decided to go for my usual Sunday morning walk. My route normally takes me through Rainbow Park, a beautiful area of open space in the city.

I quickly realized that I needed snowshoes instead of the boots I was wearing; the snow was deeper than I thought it would be. I began searching the way ahead of me to find the places where the wind had blown the snow in such a way that the bare ground was visible. I used those bare spots to make my way forward easier.  This worked for a while until I came to the middle of the park. Here there were no obvious bare spots. There was deep snow everywhere. I turned to go back the way I had come when this thought came to me:

“The difficulty of the path is not a sufficient reason for turning back.”

As I began to reflect on this thought, I realized that “the difficult path” is a metaphor for adversity. We can run/hide from adversity, or we can learn from adversity.

Some Takeaways:

  1. The way forward is often through the adversity. This is where the lesson is often

    Footprints in the snow

    learned.  Adversity will reveal, and if we are willing, will refine character.

  2. If we don’t face it now we will meet it another time.
  3. We need a source of encouragement in times of adversity. Some people look to God, others look to friends and family. Who or what is your source of encouragement?
  4. Sometimes the challenge is to find another way/path forward. That is, the difficulty forces/encourages us to be creative.
  5. Sometimes the wise choice is to turn back!

Adversity brings us out of our comfort zone. Growth occurs outside our comfort zone.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to pass it on.

Cliff {AMDG}


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