To the rhythm of the tambourines



The vision for using music to touch lives was the raison d’être for the birth of  “raphsongmusic”.  Although much has been written on a variety of other topics, the original vision still holds true.  Every now and again, the music motif is given fresh life. 

A recent, fresh reading of the last two psalms (songs) in the book of Psalms provided the inspiration for re-energizing an old song.  The writers encourage us to engage  in exuberant, enthusiastic praise: to the rhythm of the tambourines; to the crash of the cymbals; to the sound of the trumpets; with voices raised on high. Everything that has breath – indeed all of creation- is encouraged to praise the Lord.

song bird


As I read I could feel a new song rising in my spirit, waiting to be given voice.  The words remind me of an earlier song written several years ago based on the final psalm, titled: “Praise the Lord”.

I have included a clip in which the old and new have been merged. It  still has the title: “Praise the Lord”.


I hope you enjoy the song and find encouragement in it.

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Cliff {AMDG}


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