Wade in the water


Summer has arrived in Prince George, “the place where the two rivers meet”;  at least for a day or two! Temperatures are hovering between 25 and 30 degrees C.  On days like these in a place like this you want to declare: “this is the day that the Lord has given I will rejoice and be glad in it”.

Fraser River

As I walk along the banks of the Fraser [the larger of the two rivers] I am reminded of a song I wrote  a few years ago: Great are you Lord my God.  The chorus speaks of his mercies being new every morning, his faithfulness greeting me every day.


The way I try to picture the reality of those words is to imagine wading into the waters of the river on a daily basis letting the water wash over me. Every day, the water that washes over me will be fresh and new; different from what I experienced the day before.  His mercies are new every morning.  Wade in the water.

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Cliff {AMDG}

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